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The rats scurry [05 Sep 1997|09:18am]
[ mood | amused ]

I see that the true meaning of Lord Voldemot's rebirth and rise to power is finally sinking into the heads of my straying Death Eaters. Two visits today....they are so eager to please me.

One absence worries me. Bella has yet to visit, even to torture Wormtail. I hope for her sake that it is because she is plotting a spectacular daring raid on Muggle and Wizard alike...I'd hate to see her face if death called her.

Nagini is pining for a mate, and I've sent Zacharius Iommi to the jungles of India to find one for her. Of course, if he fails to please Nagini, then he shall make the trip until she is pleased.

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Mark My Rise [01 Sep 1997|06:17pm]
[ mood | pleased ]

Wormtail has brought me a special edition of the Daily Prophet. How satisfying to see the Mordesmorte above the Hogwarts Express. Yet, that pleasure is incomplete, less havoc was created than I would have liked. My lesser ranks need to be inspired to perform better.

Bella and Narcissa accomplished an amazing amount of destruction and ensured that those fool in the Ministry couldn't erase the collision of the worlds.

My dear Bella, my most loyal servant....I do believe she would surrender her most treasured possession for me if I asked. I shall remember that if she displeases me in any way. But, now, she deserves honour from all my followers.

As for Narcissa....she follows well in her sister's footsteps and will see the mark of my favour upon her.

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It begins. [31 Aug 1997|06:34pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Bella has been given the leadership role in this plot, and most deliciously, her sister is helping. No doubt Narcissa wishes to ameliorate her husband's complete failure at the Ministry in securing the Prophecy, and to protect her sprog. No, I musn't denegrate Draco like that, if he has half the cunning of his father and half the sadism of his aunt, he may well be a valuable assest to me later.

Soon, the Dark Mark shall rule the skies and all will tremble at my name.

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A plan takes shape [23 Jul 1997|06:18pm]
[ mood | predatory ]

A good leader knows when to delegate responsibility. Wormtail is useless for anything save cowering in abject fear, save when he is emboldened by my threats. Severus plays too important a role to risk exposing himself before time. How I wish I could tap Severus for more, he has a certain flair for revenge. Such a pleasure it was to watch him when I was hosted by Quirrel. How he loathes that half-blood, almost as much as I do. I did doubt for a time, with his behaviour towards Quirrel, he seemed to be very pro-Dumbledore. Yet, as time did prove, he had no idea I was there with him. It makes sense to me, now, that he would help to protect the stone from those who would steal it away and destroy it, until such time as he could use it for me. That it was ultimately destroyed is of no consequence, there are other ways to cheat death that I have found.

For the next stage, though, no Severus is not suitable. However, Bella is cruel enough to embroider a bare plot with sadistic flourishes. I shall give her the germ of the idea and let her tailor it to suit.

I am the Dark Lord and I shall walk freely upon this earth once more. All will fear me and tremble. The seperate worlds will be mine and I will have my revenge on Muggle scum and wizard alike.

The power of evil courses through my veins, the world will be mine.

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Curse that Potter filth! [13 Jul 1997|06:14pm]
[ mood | frustrated ]

Once more that half-blood has ruined my plans. It will be the last. My most loyal Death Eaters are stripped from me, save for Bella and Severus. Quick thinking in battle on the part of one, deception and self-preservation on the part of the other. Although, it would never do to let them know this.

Bella is sweating blood at the moment, convinced that I will take out my displeasure upon her. I see no reason to disappoint her. A few heartbeats of the Crucio curse should suffice. I shall remember to send Wormtail away, he takes too much pleasure in the suffering of others and lacks the spine to inflict suffering. but, Bella, oh, she enjoys pain...sometimes, I fear, a bit too much. Yet, if I were truly displeased with her, she would be back in Azkaban slowly sliding deeper into madness...she does not yet see the mark of favour upon her by my rescuing her from beneath her gilded prison.

As for Severus, he lies close to Dumbledore's breast. The old fool thinks he is defanged, but even snakes regrow their fangs. My unctious lad shall serve me well.

And now, to see to my poor Bella. I fear the anticipation of punishment has thouroughly unsettled her.

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